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Free Street Art of Shoreditch Tour*

Free Street Art of Shoreditch Tour*

Schedule - See Calendar

Language - English

Start Time - 11am & 3pm

Duration - 2 Hours

Price - Free

Street Art has been described as the most important artistic movement of the 21st Century, but it actually dates back thousands of years. If you're a lover of art and culture then, yes, go to the National Gallery, go to the Tate Modern, and see the masterpieces created by the most famous artists over the last 400 years, but then join us on our Free Street Art Tour and see what is happening at the grassroots level by talented street artists today. The work is beautiful, ever-changing and thought provoking.


But Street Art is not just pretty pictures, these pieces of art are challenging and political, and they tell the story of the struggles of the working classes in Britain over the last hundred years.

On our Street Art walking tour, you’ll step back in time, and see how immigration into Brick Lane and the surrounding area has transformed Shoreditch from the poorest part of London, home to Jack the Ripper’s victims, to becoming one of the must-see boroughs of the capital, home to pop up bars and shops, and more vintage clothes stores than you’ll believe.

Our Street Art & Graffiti tour of Shoreditch is a fascinating insight into one of the fastest-growing art movements of our time, exploring a part of London that is less visited but constantly changing and huge on the street art scene. Our Street Art Tour Guides are not only knowledgeable about the art you’ll see, with an understanding of the techniques used to create the work, but, most importantly, they love it, so why not join them for a jaunt through the streets of the East End, where creativity and self expression is on every corner.

The art we see during the Street Art & Graffiti Tour is constantly changing, sometimes before our very eyes, so we cannot promise which pieces we will see each time we set off, but we can assure you that our expert guides will ensure you see a collection of the most established and exciting artists currently on show.

Or if you fancy something a bit more Rock n Roll, why not try our Soho tour?

Tour Highlights include:

  • Street Art (Obviously!)

  • A mix of spray paint, sculptures, stickers and stencils

  • Banksy

  • Mr Cenz

  • Zabou

  • Dreph

  • Fanakapan

  • Otto Schade

  • Roa

  • Shepherd Fairey

  • Dale Grimshaw

  • History of Brick Lane

  • Spitalfields Market

  • Old Truman Brewery

  • Battle of Cable Street

  • Gentrification of Shoreditch

  • & much more!

street art tour london

        Meeting Point - Shoreditch High Street Overground Station


We begin outside Shoreditch High Street station on Braithwaite Street. The station is on the Overground, and around a 10 minute walk from Old Street Underground Station and Liverpool Street Underground Station.

We recommend arriving 10-15 minutes before the tour starts, it gives you plenty of time to meet the guide and grab a coffee or ice cream!

  • How do I find the Guide?
    Head to Tower Hill Underground Station, next to the Tram Coffee stop, and look for the guide holding up a bright red umbrella.
  • Where does the tour start and end?
    The tour starts outside M&M World in Leicester Square and the guide should be nearby holding a red umbrella. The tour will finish near Whitehall and Trafalgar Square, in Westminster. The exact location will vary depending on the guide and the day, but the guide will always let you know at the beginning of the tour.
  • How long is the tour?
    The tour is roughly 6 long, but will vary on the guide. There's a lunch break in the middle, lasting approximately an hour.
  • Do I need to make a booking? Or cancel if my plans change?
    Yes please. The number of bookings we receive dictates how many guides we send to run the tour. If we have 100 extra people turn up, it's not going to be a good experience for anyone. Please be aware, we do not accept groups of 8 people or more. Even if you book separately, if you attend the tour as a big group, you will be turned away. If you are a group of 8 or more please contact us to enquire about booking a private tour. We'd be very grateful if you could cancel if you can no longer attend, as it could allow us to give your spot to someone else.
  • What if its raining?
    If its raining, we will get wet! We always recommend you carry an umbrella in London, the weather really is that temperamental, but if we didn't run tours in bad weather, we wouldn't get to do many. Rain or shine we will be there waiting. Of course, if you don’t fancy standing in the rain with us we understand.
  • What should I wear?
    Our tours are all walking, so we always recommend comfy shoes. Check the weather on the day of the tour, but we recommend bring a raincoat and some SPF just incase.
  • How is it free?*
    We run all our tours on a pay what you think it’s worth basis. There is no booking fee for our free tours, and no payment is required before the tour begins. This means they are accessible to every budget. However our guides are all freelancers and don't get paid to do the tour, if you have fun then you can decide if you would like to tip your guide. The value is up to you, whatever fits in with your budget and your level of enjoyment. This also incentivises our guides to never stop trying to improve, as the system rewards the guides who provide the best quality tours. Tipping is always voluntary and our guides will never pressure you into it, but this is their job so if you have had fun, we ask that you take a moment to consider what it was worth to you.

Prefer to join us on a Private Tour?

If you are booking for a group of 8 or more, or just want a more personal experience away from the crowds, then you can book this as a Private Tour. You can dictate the content, the route and the time or sit back and let your guide lead you.


For more information on Private Tours click here.

Please note, ALL schools and educational groups should book a Private Tour.

street art tour london

What our Customers say:

"We really enjoyed the Shoreditch Street Art tour with Ben. He gave us a great insight into Street Art and artists in the area and we spent the rest of our day out looking up to see what else we could see. Highly recommended."
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