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Private Tours

A private tour just for you 

Private Tours

Whether you're a school, university, a business or a large family or group of friends, our Private Tours are tailored to you and are the best way to experience London.


All tours listed on the website are available as Private Tours, subject to guide availability, and they will be catered to suit the group, whether it is a bunch of boisterous businessmen wanting to sample local beers or eager European students hoping to fill up their Instagram.

We do not accept parties of 8 or more on our free tours, whether booked as a group or separately, so get in touch today if you want to join us on a tour.

Or if you want something even more personalised, you can request a bespoke tour, where you can dictate the content, the route and the start time.


All our Private Tour bookings are handled by email, so to enquire about availability and organise a tour, please get in touch with us by emailing or complete the form below.

Prices start from £150-£175 and increase depending on the length of the tour, group size and the number of guides required.

Want to book a Private Tour?


Thanks for getting in touch!

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