Free Walking Tours and Experiences in London


Explore the history of the Royal family and Parliament as you see London's most famous sights, from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben.

     Schedule - Daily except Wednesday

     Meeting Point - Leicester Square

     Duration - 2.5 Hours


Learn the story of the City of London's evolution from Roman trading port to the most powerful financial district in the world.

     Schedule - See Calendar

     Meeting Point - Tower Hill

     Duration - 2.5 Hours


Experience the beauty of Christmas in London, visiting the most beautiful and historical lights and displays!

     Schedule - See Calendar

     Meeting Point - The Clermont Hotel

     Duration - 1.5 Hours


Free Jack the Ripper Tour*

Travel back to the Autumn of Terror 1888 and investigate a series of murders that sent shockwaves through London.

     Schedule - Every Evening

     Meeting Point - Tower Hill

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free Street Art of  Shoreditch Tour*

Enter a world of possibility, where the walls are blank canvases and the flick of a spray can inspire rebellion and revolution.

     Schedule - See Calendar

     Meeting Point - Shoreditch High Street

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free Harry Potter Wizarding Tour*

Leave your inner muggle behind and discover the magical secrets hiding right under your nose.

     Schedule - Every Day

     Meeting Point - The Palace Theatre

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free Ghosts, Ghouls and Ghastly Murder Tour*

Hear the terrifying tales of London’s worst villains, who killed and were killed and then came back to kill again.

     Schedule - See Calendar

     Meeting Point - Cleopatra's Needle

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free Soho: Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Tour*

Explore the heart of the old Red Light District and hear tales of debauchery and drunken misadventure through the ages.

     Schedule - Friday & Sunday

     Meeting Point - Leicester Square

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free Sherlock Holmes & the Art of Deduction Tour*

     Schedule - Every Saturday

     Meeting Point - Piccadilly Circus

     Duration - 2 Hours


Free James Bond & The History of Espionage Tour*

Join and step into the shoes of the world’s most famous spy!

Schedule - Every Saturday

Meeting Point - The Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross

Duration - 2 Hours

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Free Queer & LGBTQ+ History Tour*

Explore London's queer hub & home and uncover 2000 years of LGBTQ+ history.

Schedule - Alternate Sundays

Meeting Point - The Clermont Hotel, Charing Cross

Duration - 2 Hours


Private Tours

Booking a tour for 7 or more people? Whether you're a school, friends or family,
get in touch about our different packages.


We run all of our tours on a pay what you think it’s worth basis. We've all had the experience of paying for an activity up front and then later on, feeling like it was not worth the money. We take that problem away. There is no booking fee for our free tours, and no payment is required before the tour begins. If you have fun then you can decide if you would like to tip your guide. The value is up to you, whatever fits in with your budget. This makes our tours affordable to everyone, regardless of their finances, but also incentivises our guides to never stop trying to improve, as the system rewards the guides who provide the best quality tours. Tipping is always voluntary and our guides will never pressure you into it, but this is their job so if you have had fun, we ask that you take a moment to consider what it was worth to you.